John Sanderson of Wigton c1705. Longcase Clock / Grandfather clock / Antique Clock in Aspatria, Cumbria for sale

John Sanderson of Wigton c1705. Longcase Clock /

A very rare and stunning early 18th century religious versed 8-day longcase clock by John Sanderson of Wigton. Dating from around c1705, the clock is housed in a restored London style black lacquered case. The 11.5-inch square solid brass dial has a polished dial centre with ringed winding holes and ringed date calendar. There is a religious verse to the dial centre which is wonderfully engraved ‘Memento Mori’ (Bear Death in Mind). The applied chapter has attached trident half hour-markers and is signed 'John Sanderson Wigton Fecit’. The superb spandrels to the four corners are the twin cherubs with crown type and retain traces of their original gilding. The 5-ringed and finned pillar movement with rack striking is in a very original and untouched condition throughout including retaining all its original wheel-work.
John Sanderson was born at the Quaker settlement of Low Tiffenthwaite in 1671, he was the son of Robert Sanderson, a blacksmith.
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